Why ADHD Medicines Aren’t as Difficult as You Think

Most people who are struggling with attention deficit disorder often don’t have the mentality that it takes to get their problems solved. Most think that they need to nuke their problem with prescription pills from their doctor. In many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some studies suggest that ADHD medications (especially those based on amphetamines) are actually detrimental for focus and concentration in the long term.

One of the best things that you can do instead of using these amphetamine based drugs is look for different options that are called smart drugs. These smart drugs and nootropics are a great way to improve your feelings of focus and attention without creating all kinds of long-term problems.

Medicines to Start With Nootropics

If you are new to nootropics and smart drugs, it is a good idea to look for different options that you can use in order to solve your problem. Sometimes people find that they can improve their brain health and function with a lot less than they suspect. The vast majority of people have never even heard of these drugs even though they can help:

  1. Modafinil – this is a common drug that many people have never heard of in the USA. It is considered a prescription drug for narcolepsy, but many studies show it can be just as effective as amphetamines for concentration and mental performance. One study looked at military personnel and found that modafinil was as good as a equitable dose of amphetamine without the side effects.
  2. Phenylpiracetam – while this is not something that you can take every day, it is a great nootropic drug that will improve your ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Most people don’t even realize how to pronounce the drug let alone use it! The point is, this is part of a very safe family of drugs called racetams. A racetam is a drug that interacts with specific parts of the brain that can be stimulating , but in a way that is not similar to most stimulants.

If you want to learn more about the supplements that you are using, find the reference guide by Examine. Below you’ll learn more about how to use this guide and why it might help if you have ADHD.

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