Number 1 Reason Piracetam is the Starter Nootropic

If you have spent any time researching nootropics at all, you are probably well aware of the different options that people start with. Starting with nootropics the right way is important because a bad experience that is caused by poor information could cause you to stop using them for a long time. That would be a shame because there are so many great ways that you can use these tools to your advantage and you wouldn’t want to lose out for no reason!

The number 1 nootropic that you should use in order to get the best effects is called piracetam. Piracetam is also a rather cost effective nootropic available from dozens of reputable vendors. We like Pure Nootropic’s products as they have excellent quality control measures such as third party testing. This is the best nootropic because you have a lot of different benefits that most others do not have. However, there is 1 reason in particular that makes piracetam the best nootropic to start with.

Safety and Efficacy

The reason piracetam is so effective is because it has the perfect combination of safety and efficacy in a single drug. You can see a lot of safety through the benefits of 50 years of testing. It has been around since the 1960s and since then it has had a lot of evidence in its favor. In addition, the studies that focused on safety showed that the drug is well tolerated even at extremely high doses.

As far as efficacy is concerned, it is also great to use piracetam because it is a prescription drug for memory loss in other parts of the world. People who are struggling with a poor memory can use the drug in order to see a better memory in a short period.

You might find that the safety of nootropics in general is risky business, but that is why you start with the most obvious option. Piracetam is by far the best option that you can choose if you are just starting out and want to avoid any health concerns while still getting the best results.

Technology is Hurting Your Sleep

One of the things that you can do right now, which will improve your sleep is remove technology from your life just 30 minutes to 1 hour before you go to bed. You’ll find in very short order that the technology you are using is causing you to be more aroused and anxious than if you were to turn off these devices. Although a quick check of the cell phone before going to bed isn’t the worst thing in the world, you probably want to make sure that you are getting rid of the technology as best as you can.

Some people wait for hours at night sitting on the computer watching videos and continually finding things to keep them busy. While it seems like a good idea at a time, in reality it is not something that is good for your health. Sleep is important and even if you are sleeping fine after using technological products, you are going to find a better sleep quality when you don’t.

For some people, this means that you need to just put down the cell phone and for others it means putting away every piece of technology that might distract your attention. Some people even like to put on glasses called “blue blockers” which will remove the light from certain wavelengths late at night. This helps to regulate the hormones a little bit more effectively so that you aren’t struggling with your sleep.

No matter what, getting improved sleep quality is going to be a big benefit for you. If you are tired of waking up groggy and wishing you had a few more hours (no matter how much you slept!) then this is one of the best options that doesn’t cost a dime.

How Can Green Tea Make You Successful?

There are plenty of people who wish that they could focus more of their time on work and do a better job as well. For these people, it is no wonder they are so focused on finding the best ways of improving their cognitive function and brain power. Many people end up turning to synthetic prescription drugs or other compounds that may not be super healthy for you in the long run.

Instead, they could just go for green tea, which is one of the most natural and healthy ingredients that you can consume with a high return on your investment. A lot of people are finding that there are particular chemical compounds in green tea that can help their brain and make people more successful in the long run.

Green Tea and Success

You may have never heard of green tea’s special powers, but there is a reason it has gotten so popular in Asia and the rest of the world. Sure, it tastes great and has a unique profile of flavors, but it is the psychoactive effects that got people’s attention in the first place. Green tea is filled with a few different compounds, such as caffeine, L-theanine, and green tea catechins.

The caffeine is obvious and it is one of the more useful compounds or improving focus and concentration that we have ever found. Humans use this primarily through coffee, but it is in smaller amounts in chocolate and tea as well. The amount in tea is perfectly paired with an amino acid called L-theanine, which is responsible for relaxing and promoting alpha brain waves (similar to meditation). Combined in the right ratio, green tea offers a relaxing focus that is not jittery and it is stimulating enough to make a big difference for your brain in the long run.

How Dietary Fat Gets Broken Down

There are plenty of sources that suggest dietary fat is not good for you, but all of them seem to miss out on the bigger picture and the true science. If you are trying to improve your overall health, the way to do that is not through removing fat from your diet. You will find that your hormones start to drastically work against you along with many other problems. Instead, it’s best if you learn more about dietary fats and how they can impact you.

For example, you’ll find that dietary fat usually requires water in sufficient quantities to break down in your system. This is a key fact that can help people to live more stress free lives because they are remaining healthier with just a few simple life tweaks.

Your body is meant to break down fats and use it for energy. Just consider that our bodies store energy as fat. This means we have a huge reservoir to pull from whenever we would like to, but it is in the form of fat rather than glucose (which is how we usually power our bodies). Lipids (fat) are usually broken down in the liver and gallbladder and the process is invariably linked to consuming other nutrients as well.

Like we mentioned, water is a huge component of breaking down fats in the gallbladder so that the rest of the body can handle it. If you are finding that dietary fat is hard to consume, you might want to take a closer look at how much water you are drinking. You might find that when you are able to get enough water, suddenly things don’t go so poorly!

No matter what you do, make sure that you do not listen to conventional wisdom about dieting and removing fat. It will actually hurt you in the long run to remove at from your diet completely.

Side Effects of Piracetam

The usage of drugs that have to improve brain power and effectiveness has been constantly increasing over the past few years. These group of drugs are also known as nootropic supplements, and Piracetam is currently one of the most popular drug in this family among a lot of people.

But a lot of people constantly worry about the side effects they are going to get if they are going to start taking this drug, and thus more should be done to enlighten and educate people regarding this. Firstly, it is to be noted that the vast majority of Piracetam takers do not experience any side effects at all, but here are a few exceptions.


The way Piracetam works is by influencing a few main receptors in the brain and this includes Acetlycholine and dopamine. These two particular receptors have been known to affect mood and movement greatly, and sometimes the body may have a bit of difficulty trying to adjust to the extra boost being provided by Piracetam. If this is happening to you, you can consider reducing your dosage first and slowly increase the dosage amount as you feel better.


Instead of feeling nervousness, some people may tend to feel overly sleepy instead, which is caused by an over-reaction of the body to a new drug in the biological system.


Headaches are the most common side effects report in Piracetam takers. Even though this is the most common side effect happening in those who are affected by side effects, it affects only less than 10% of people who take Piracetam. 90% of takes do not report any side effects at all.

These are the 3 main side effects you need to take note of when taking this particular drug. Of course, there may be other side effects which may not as common. But whenever you experience any side effect, try to reduce the dosage of the drug intake first. Do not force yourself to continue the drug if the side effects persist and do not subside.

Where to Buy Noopept

More and more people have been hearing of brain supplements or drugs which can help greatly in their life such as Noopept. But often than not, the main problem they face is finding where to purchase them in their own country. In the past, Noopept was classified as a brain supplement and could be found easily everywhere, but subsequently it was classified under drugs and hence it became not as easy to get hold of it as before.

Some people might think that just because it has been classified as a drug instead of a supplement, it means that the drug is not safe anymore. This is a misconception that needs to be cleared up, as being a drug just means that it requires a doctor’s prescription or professional advice in order to get it. You would probably remember a few drugs that your general practitioner might have prescribed to you when you were sick that could only be gotten from the doctor’s and not any pharmacies outside, right?

The same thing goes for Noopept, it is still a safe drug if taken according to the instructions and in moderate amount. No one can know what will happen if you try to overdoes yourself though, much like how an overdoes of sleeping pills can kill somebody.

There are a lot of ways in which you still can purchase Noopept today, but the easiest way is to look for reputable online pharmacies which have a certified doctor working there. Usually, the doctor will certify and prescribe to you the drug through online means after talking to you over the Internet or over the phone. This will enable you to receive the drugs that you have bought anywhere in the world as it will then not have any problem passing your country’s customs.

How to Use Piracetam

You might have researched online for a long time for certain ways to increase the mental strength and effectiveness of the brain and found a type of drug called Piracetam which has a lot of positive reviews from people whom have used it before. You might also have gone through the hassle of getting your hands on these drugs through legal means as it is not that easy to get it if you live in certain countries.

Now that you have the drug in front of you, you might wonder what is the best way for you to consume the drug for maximum effectiveness and the least amount of side effects? Firstly, you should have realized that Piracetam comes in either tablet form or power form. Powder form is a lot cheaper as you can purchase them in bulk. Even if you have bought the drug in tablet form but you prefer powder, fret not for it is water soluble and you can still dissolve the tablet in a liquid.

Even though this is the case, it is not recommended for people to consume this drug with plain water but it is recommended for people to take the drug with something that is stronger tasting such as orange juice. This is due to the fact that Piracetam itself comes with a very strong taste that may deter some users.

You could also consider taking an “attack dose” for the first few days, a dosage which is slightly higher than the ones you are going to be regularly taking. This is to help your body get used to the higher amount of substance in your body so that when you subsequently reduce your dosage after the “attack dose”, your body will feel a lot better and face lesser side effects. Be sure though to still always consult a doctor for professional advice if you feel something is not right!